The objective of the Directorate is to design local and international climate change mitigation/adaptation plans and strategies for the Forestry Sector of Ghana, while promoting sustainable development leading to better and richer natural resources endowment for future generations.


  • Coordinate the development of a functional National Forest Monitoring System to monitor deforestation and forest degradation in Ghana;
  • Develop an operational Feedback and Grievance Redress Mechanism for the forestry sector;
  • Coordinate national efforts to Measure and Report carbon emissions or removals in the forestry sector;
  • Coordinate all REDD+ programmes in the Forestry Commission and build complementarity with similar initiatives in other sectors;
  • Provide strategic direction for mainstreaming climate change programs within the Forestry Commission;
  • Collaborate with all Directorates to ensure effective and efficient flow of information;
  • Create awareness on climate change issues and impacts in the forestry sector;
  • Create enabling environment structures for climate Change investments in the forest sector;
  • Build a robust database of all REDD+ and other carbon finance related initiatives in the country;
  • Build strategic partnerships with both national and international donors to attract targeted bilateral and multilateral finance to support the forestry sector;
  • Collaborate in the development of a Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix for all programmes and Projects under its jurisdiction;
  • Engage key stakeholders in climate change issues in the forestry sector.